The edge cloud you control: enable any computing device or app with server capability

EDGIFI by downloading edgeSDK

Why developers use edgeSDK ?

mimik edgeSDK provides discovery, connection and communication across edge nodes
as well as runtime environment for microservices.


Develop your microservices using serverless architecture and JavaScript

  • Discover microservices available on other edge nodes powered by edgeSDK
  • Connect microservices running on nodes independent of network topology
  • Distributed microservice management tools for deploying, running, and orchestrating microservices

Expose the computing capabilities of edge devices through mimik's Light Container Technology

  • Runtime environment for microservices
  • Easy integration into existing apps through RESTful APIs
  • Deploy and run microservice instances

Advanced peer-to-peer networking without the hassle of low-level network setup and programming

  • Discover other nodes that powered by mimik edgeSDK (based on network, account and/or proximity)
  • Connect nodes within and across different clusters of nodes grouped by scope
  • Communication between nodes within and across clusters either directly or through a proxy.


build your own or use mimik microservices

  • mimik mDrive microservice: abstracts access to storage available on edge nodes and provides distributed file management via a popular API.
  • mimik mBeam microservice: beams content from a node to node(s) and/or to service(s), peer-to-peer, one-to-one or one-to-many
  • Learn how to deploy your own microservices

mimik edgeSDK platform

mimik edgeSDK and serverless microservices can run on any computing device such as smartphones, tablets, fixed gateways, autonomous cars, connected TVs, and even servers in the central cloud

Supported Platforms

  • Android 8 and above
  • iOS version 11.0 and above
  • Linux 16.04 LTS and above
  • Windows 10, Mac OS X 10.13.3 (El Capitan) and above
  • Raspberry Pi Raspbian 8.1 and above

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