Application development with edgeSDK starts with obtaining a mimik Developer Account. The Developer Portal is where you manage your the appID which is required for your application to access different aspects of the mimik platform.


Select a platform from the list below and follow the instructions to install the edgeSDK on your targeted development platform.

Account Association

All applications must register under the mimik's Developer Portal in order to associate developer's account with the edgeSDK in application. The example Android, iOS, and PC applications allow you to verify this process.


We have created a few edgeSDK microservices as examples to showcase the capability of edgeSDK.

  • Our Example microservice helps developers understand how to deploy a microservice to the edgeSDK runtime container and try different methods of node and cluster discovery.
  • mBeam beams content from one node to other node(s) and/or to service(s), it is a peer-to-peer, one-to-one or one-to-many media distribution solution.
  • mDrive allows access to storage available on edge nodes and provides distributed file management via simple API.
  • mSuperdrive provides the core logic of mimik access media distribution services through the provided API as well as discovering all nodes (nearby, on the same Wi-Fi, remote and also friend’s ) that has mimik access installed.

You can also build your own edgeSDK microservice using the edgeSDK JavaScript programming API for develop and deploy microservices, follow here to check that out.


Information regarding about mimik's cloud-service API are accessible on SwaggerHub:

mimik access

mimik access is an application built on top of mimik edgeSDK showcasing the power of distributed edge cloud. The mimik access API components are available on SwaggerHub as well:

Learn more about mimik access

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