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The real edge cloud

WE ARGUE that existing central cloud infrastructure cannot meet the demands of the future. There is simply not enough network bandwidth and central data processing power for upcoming decades. Orders of magnitude more centralized resources would be required, which is not economically or environmentally feasible.

OUR APPROACH does not require the creation of new network nodes with dedicated hardware. Instead, we suggest enabling existing computing devices: PCs, tablets, set-top boxes (STBs), routers and smart phones, etc. to act as cloud servers at the edge of the network whenever possible. Our approach is software based and does not require any change to the low-level design of these devices. Bringing the cloud concept and technology to the edge of the network is the real edge cloud.

Use cases

Smart city and connected automotives

mimik provides edge microservices that enables features like smart connectivity, data compression, rating and monetization at the vehicle TCU level. For example, our partnership with Globetouch, a world-leading connected car software platform, brings in the following features:

  • Context-aware Vehicle-2-Vehicle and Vehicle-2-Node smart connectivity.
  • Real-time decision making and action dispatching.
  • Monetization with contextual media content push.

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Advanced media sharing

mimik access is an advanced media sharing application available for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and Linux. mimik access:

  • Giving user's autonomy regarding what they share and where they share.
  • Contents shared remain on its owner's device at all time.
  • Sharing with users at local network with super low latency or to anywhere across the world with high security.
  • Browsing and sharing between multiple different platforms.

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Our partner:

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We have a team of world-class experts and a network of partners that can help you to do the right thing for your development team and your customers. Our range of services span from consultation of edge cloud transition strategy to microservices development and utilizing edgeSDK in your most beneficial way.

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